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Telefire's products are approved by the most prestigious international standards institutes.

CE Standard UL Standard IS-1220 Standard GREEN LABEL Standard GOST Standard UNICEF Standard ISO Standard EN54 Standard EN12094 Standard
Telefire The Story
  • More then 30 years of know-how

    Telefire is an international authority in the early detection and control of fires. Our know-how results from over three decades of applied laboratory research and field-tested solutions.

  • International Certification

    Support team of skilled, experienced Engineers and Technicians on-call 24/7 for Telefire customers.

  • Service is everything

    Telefire's Systems are approved, and are under constant supervision by the most prestigious international Standards Institutes.


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Email: info@telefire.co.il
Phone: +972 3 921 1955
Fax: +972 3 921 1816
Telefire Fire & Gas Detectors Ltd.
PO Box 7036
5 Halapid St., Petach Tikva 49250

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